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Dr. Charles Jones

Dr. Charles Jones

CSP Academic Advisor (2002-2007)
Reader, History of Intl. Studies and Director, Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge

Charles Jones was an Academic Advisor to CSP. He is currently a Reader in the History of International Studies at the University of Cambridge and Director of the University of Cambridge Centre of Latin American Studies.

Charles Jones studied Moral Sciences and History at Clare College, Cambridge, before turning to a doctorate on Anglo-Argentine relations. After many years teaching international political economy and developing postgraduate programmes at Warwick University, he moved to Cambridge in 1998, where he teaches international relations theory and inter-American relations.

Originally a historian of direct foreign investment and the political responses it provoked, he concentrated on contemporary international economic relations in the later 1970s, publishing North-South Relations: a Brief History in 1983. More recently he has been working on civil-military relations in Latin America, the role of Christianity in the English School of International Relations, and representations of war and violence.

As Director of the Centre of Latin American Studies in Cambridge he is developing a research project on security in the Caribbean, centring on Cuba. He is a regular visitor to Argentina and Venezuela. Dr. Jones has worked extensively on the past and contemporary international economic relations of Latin America, especially the Southern Cone. His current research is concentrated on Romantic representations of organized violence in the Americas.

Charles Jones's recent publications include:

  • E H Carr and International Relations (1998)
  • The Logic of Anarchy, an influential critique of neorealism (Columbia UP 1993, with Barry Buzan and Richard Little)
  • El Reino Lunido Y America (Madrid 1992)
  • North-South Relations: a Brief History (London 1983)

Charles Jones's next book explores the treatment of war in novels by Sir Walter Scott and his imitators in the Americas, including James Fennimore Cooper and Vicente Fidel Lopez.

Dr. Charles Jones is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Centre of International Studies.