Cambridge Security Programme (CSP)

December 2007. The Cambridge Security Programme is operationally closed. This site is maintained as a historical archive. Information on this site is no longer current.

Rafal Rohozinski is now a Principal with The SecDev Group a global strategy and research analytics firm.


Rafal Rohozinski

CSP Research Fellow
Director, Advanced Network Research Group

Rafal A. Rohozinski is a Research Fellow of CSP and Director of the Advanced Network Research Group (ANRG). Rafal possess over 17 years field-based experience with the UN and other agencies in 37 countries of the CIS, the Middle East, and Africa. He has worked in an operational, advisory and “troubleshooting” capacity on issues of security, governance, development, negotiations, strategic national programmes, communications and IT, with a specialization in cultural intelligence, deep field research, and the “telegeography” of ”ungoverned spaces” (social and networks, information infrastructures and flows, geo-spatial mapping and analysis of information and network “effects”).

Rafal is the author of numerous guidelines, strategy papers and evaluations in the ICT, public administration and governance and poverty reduction fields for the UN, EU, US Department of Defense and national governments. His research focuses on the nexus between globalisation and information technologies and the changing dynamics of conflict and security. He is a founder and Principal Investigator of the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), where he directs the work of researchers in the CIS and Middle East, and is co-editor of the ONI’s global comparative study of network surveillance and censorship in 45 countries. His recent publications include a study of “Information Effects” in counterinsurgency and stability operations (Centre for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College). In late 2006, Rafal completed an assignment as an embedded Chief Technical Advisor to the Palestinian Authority.

Rafal was a visiting fellow at the International Development Research Centre (Canada) and a Ford Foundation/Social Science Research Council Scholar (2002-2005).