Cambridge Security Programme (CSP)

December 2007. The Cambridge Security Programme is operationally closed. This site is maintained as a historical archive. Information on this site is no longer current.

Mr. Nick Sinclair-Brown

Mr. Nick Sinclair-Brown

CSP Academic Advisor (2002-2007)
Fellow & Vice-President, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

Mr. Nick Sinclair-Brown was Project Director of PFI Research Project and an Advisor to CSP; a Fellow and Vice-President of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. He is Fellow of the Cambridge Lauterpacht Research Centre of International Law and a member of the Law Faculty; Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Centre for International Relations, M.Phil and PhD supervisor.

Nick Sinclair-Brown has recently completed a research project for CSP on new ways of 'Financing Infrastructure Development', which was sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat and resulted in a paper presented in Brunei in September 2003. It is hoped this work will lead to a major funded project on the development of a new financial architecture.

Nick Sinclair-Brown came to Cambridge in 1993 as a Visiting Fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre. In 1995 he became a permanent Fellow of the Centre and undertook ad hoc lecturing in International Law covering such areas as Law of the Sea, the Antarctic Regime, Global Environmental Problems, and negotiation of Multilateral Conventions. His teaching position was subsequently formalised as an Affiliated Lecturer at the Centre on International Studies. In 1996 he was elected a Fellow in Law at the graduate college of Hughes Hall where he was elected Vice President in 1999.

Nick Sinclair-Brown's publications include papers and articles on the prospects for democracy in Nigeria, general principles of international regulatory design, and a range of articles and papers on the international politics and regulation of such topics as corruption, terrorism and counter terrorism, arms and dual use export controls, and conservation of, trade in, endangered species. He is currently commissioned to provide a chapter on a critical analysis of the International Law Commission proposals on State Responsibility, and also a book on International Regulation of Biotechnology (in collaboration with Dr. Catherine Varifs and Dr. Clifford Collis).

Nick Sinclair-Brown is heavily involved in charity work. His biggest achievement is being Founding Chairman of Coffee Kids UK (1998) which to date has raised over £150,000 for basic infrastructure projects in Latin American Coffee growing communities.

Nick Sinclair-Brown's main interests have been international trade (both modern and historic) and its role in promoting innovation and social change. In this connection he is British alternate delegate for the International Law Association Committee on Cultural Heritage. Nick is also an advisor to the Centre for Sustainable Development Law at McGill University, Canada.