Cambridge Security Programme (CSP)

December 2007. The Cambridge Security Programme is operationally closed. This site is maintained as a historical archive. Information on this site is no longer current.


Dr. Philip Towle

CSP Advisor (2002-2007)
Reader, International Relations, Cambridge University

Philip Towle was an Academic Advisor to CSP and is Reader in International Relations at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Towle currently runs the course on International Security for the MPhil in International Relations, edits the alumni newsletter with Wendy Slaninka, coordinates library activities, and runs six courses each year for the Board of Continuing Education.

Dr. Towle's research interests are in East Asian security, arms control, and post-war peace conferences, and he has published analyses of media coverage of the Russo-Japanese, Falklands, Gulf and Bosnian Wars.

Dr. Towle is the longest serving member of staff at the Centre for International Relations. He joined in 1980 following a period as a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian National University, previously having worked for Reuters News Agency and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He was Deputy Director (1982-93) and then Director of the Centre of International Studies (1993-1998).

Dr. Towle most recent publications include:

  • Democracy and Peacemaking: Negotiations and Debates 1815-1973, Routledge, London, 2000
  • Japanese Prisoners of War (Ed. with Margaret Kosuge and Yoichi Kibata), Hambledon and London, 2000
  • Enforced Disarmament from the Napoleonic Campaigns to the Gulf War Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1997

Dr. Towle has just completed contributions to five edited books: Treaty of Locarno; British General Staff between the two World Wars; Physicist PMS Blackett's contribution to nuclear strategy; US policy towards missile defences; and media reactions to September 11th.

Dr. Towle is now editing a collection of essays on Anglo-Japanese economic relations and working on civil-military relations in Britain.