Cambridge Security Programme (CSP)

December 2007. The Cambridge Security Programme is operationally closed. This site is maintained as a historical archive. Information on this site is no longer current.

CSP is run jointly by an Academic Director, Prof. James Mayall, and an Executive Director, Peter Cavanagh. The Academic Director is responsible for all matters of academic substance, the Executive Director for all managerial, strategic marketing and financial matters, organisational development and political networking. They are jointly responsible for strategy and institutional development.

CSP works with a series of project directors who are responsible for individual clusters of research projects and their respective academic teams. Currently CSP research is led by Dr. Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni (Networks), Dr. Yezid Sayigh (Middle-East Peacekeeping), Nicholas Sinclair-Brown (Financial Risk Reduction Strategies) and Rafal Rohozinski (ITC).

CSP is advised by an Academic Steering Committee set up by the Centre of International Studies, presently made up of Prof. James Mayall, Prof. Geoffrey Hawthorne, Dr. Philip Towle, Dr. Charles Jones, Dr. Glen Rangwala and Dr. Mette Eitstrup-Sangiovanni. CSP also enjoys the support of a university-wide Academic Review Team, drawn from such varied disciplines as Social Anthropology, Computing, Divinity, Political Science, History, Law and the Sciences.

In the spring of 2004, CSP took on a full time Programme Manager, a Junior Research Fellow at Sidney Sussex College Cambridge as Academic Co-coordinator and a PhD candidate and professional journalist as Programme Development Co-ordinator.

CSP rents its own office space in the old centre of Cambridge, which provides space for network researchers and visitors planning to join the Programme, as well as for CSP staff.