Cambridge Security Programme (CSP)

December 2007. The Cambridge Security Programme is operationally closed. This site is maintained as a historical archive. Information on this site is no longer current.

Cambridge Security Programme releases publications regularly. Available on this page are pilot research projects, working papers, seminar reports, project reports, and newsletters. All publications require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Pilot Research Projects, Draft Working Papers

Working Paper No. 1
"Follow the money: the modus operandi and mindset of HAMAS fundraising in the USA and the PA using American and Saudi donation"
Ronen Bergman

Working Paper No. 2
"Traditional and Reformist Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina"
Ahment Alibăsic

Working Paper No. 3
"Informal Networks and the Law"
Bernadette Vanova

Working Paper No. 4
"PFI Contracting and Infrastructure Development"
Nick Sinclair-Brown

Working Papers

Working Paper No. 5
"The Mindset of Iraq's Security Apparatus"
Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Seminar Reports

Shifting Fire: Information Effects in Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations

The New Security Paradigm

Catastrophic Terrorism

State Failure

Project Reports

Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (published as a volume with MIT press, 2008)

ONI Internet Watch: The Internet and Elections: The 2006 Presidential Election in Belarus (and its implications).

ONI Report: Internet Filtering in China 2004-2005

ONI Report: Internet Filtering in Iran 2004-2005

CSP Newsletters

CSP Vol 1 Issue 1

CSP Vol 1 Issue 2

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